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Blinds and Shutters

Custom Blinds and Shutters in Charleston, SC

Blinds and Shutters


Unlike other window treatments, blinds offer you complete control over the amount of light and privacy levels you want in your home. By being able to control both tilt and rise, you are able to block light or heat while still providing visibility to your outside views. Window blinds also allow you to improve the aesthetics of your home with many styles, colors and patterns available.

Buying Blinds

Blinds come in many sizes and functions. Whether you are looking for the elegance of wooden blinds or for a simple shade or blinds to completely darken a room, Genie’s Drapery Service INC offers the ability to customize until you are satisfied. If you have questions on which blinds are best for your home, contact Genie’s Drapery Service INC and have our professionals answer any questions.

Customize With Confidence

Our staff provides the knowledge to deliver the right blinds for you. No longer do you have to wonder which blinds keep out the light or heat better. We can also help you choose the right color for your home. Our process makes it simple to add blinds to your home with only the finest-quality products. See how simple adding blinds can be by contacting us today.


Shutters offer crisp lines that complement any type of window and interior decoration style. Shutters can add interest to a room through geometric shapes and can be custom built to fit arched windows, round windows or other window shapes. Genie’s Drapery Service is ready to show you how limitless the possibilities of shutters are.

Functionality and Beauty

Shutters allow a distinctive style to your home and can add an unparalleled elegance to your living space. Shutters are available in many styles, colors and stains, and Genie’s Drapery Service can provide you with the best of the best. In addition to customizing the look of your shutters, we also customize how they open. 

Indoor or Outdoor

Shutters do not only have to be used in your home. Exterior shutters can add contrast to your home to give it a vibrant look. Shutters also provide protection to your home and insulation from extreme temperatures. Not sure you need the functionality? Genie’s Drapery Service also provides nonoperable shutters for decorative features on your home’s exterior.
Custom blinds and shutters are more beneficial to your home than mass-produced ones. With a custom design, you not only receive the colors and style you want, but they will match your home’s functionality best. Genie’s Drapery Service creates unique window treatments for Charleston, South Carolina homes.