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4 Reason to Choose Custom Window Treatments Over Mass-Produced

Is your quest for new window treatments pulling you down the path of least resistance? Mass-produced drapery and blinds from discount stores, big box stores, department stores, and even high-end boutiques might seem convenient but they all have definite disadvantages. Consider these four reasons to choose custom window treatments over their mass-produced counterparts for your home.
1. Easier to Match Existing Style or Color
Sometimes you only want to cover a select few windows rather than an entire home. When you need to match your new window treatment choices with existing styles and colors, it can be difficult to find a good match. 
Ready-made options often offer a select few colors and styles, which leaves you with a difficult choice: settle for mismatched results or completely re-do all the windows to create a unified look. Unless you are gifted in the art of stylish and deliberately mismatched drapes, a slightly mismatched look in any window treatment usually does not look attractive.
Fortunately, custom window treatments offer the ability to better match the new with existing colors or styles. Custom means a bigger selection of wood and stain choices for shutters as well as fabric texture and color choices for drapes.
2. Improved Fit for Odd Window Sizes
If you ever installed window blinds yourself from a big box store, you understand the dilemma associated with odd window sizes and a limited selection of dimensions. The frustration over ill-fitting window treatments is real. Do you opt for a slightly smaller size or cut a larger one to fit?
Custom window treatments allow you to enjoy a perfect fit for each window in your home. Custom coverings are tailored to windows that are round, arched, bay, or even slightly off-plumb. You know the results are guaranteed to fit perfectly and look flawless.
3. Vast Range of Choices and Possibilities
Ready-made window treatments may be convenient and quick, but stores usually only offer a limited selection. What you see before you on the store shelf is what you must choose from. When you remove your new curtains from their sleek packaging, inside are curtains similar to dozens of other households.
Instead, custom window covers let you pick from a much broader selection. If you ever admired a beautiful set of drapes from a magazine, you can replicate the same look with your own custom set.  Custom coverings offer you the freedom to make any kind of statement you wish.
4. More Than Just Window Treatments
Ready-made window treatments lack more than just a unique, custom look. They do not offer the wisdom and advice that accompanies the expert that creates custom drapes and blinds.
A design expert is able to offer suggestions that dress your windows to their best advantage.  And an expert has an eye for how to tackle a quirky window placement or create a larger, more airy feel to a room using the right drapery choice.
Additionally, an expert can tactfully steer you away from poor window treatment choices and avoid a design disaster because they are more aware of current design trends. This knowledge provides you with the reassurance of a timeless creation.
Finally, your custom design expert can offer tips regarding the right cleaning and care for your window treatments. If you follow their advice, you may be able to make your new treatments last much longer than ready-made selections.
If you want your windows to look their finest with the best drapes or blinds, custom is the best choice. Visit Genie's Drapery Service and talk to our experts about how you envision your window coverings. We can assist you with your design, style, and color choice to enhance your windows and home.


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