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Dressing Nursery Windows for Style and Safety

Every item in a nursery is important because it helps to create the safe and tranquil space all parents want for their child. The coverings used on a window are a big part of the decision making because they control light, drafts, and add to the visual appeal of the room. Here are some tips for new parents as they choose the right draperies for their nursery.

Start With Shades

Room darkening shades make midday naps much easier and help to control the heat from sunlight beaming through the windows. But when choosing shades, remember to avoid blinds with cords because of the risks associated with them. Approximately two children per day in the United States are sent to the ER because of strangulation accidents related to the cords on window blinds.
There are cordless blinds, but many blinds still use exposed cords to connect the individual slats. A better option is a honeycomb or cellular shade that encloses all the working parts inside the shade. Blackout shades of this type are also available for babies and toddlers that sleep best in very dark environments.

Keep Away Drafts

Parents worried about maintaining the temperature in a nursery during the winter nights should consider lined draperies. These can be used with or without shades. Blackout lining will enable the parent to darken the room appropriately without any additional window covering needed.  A lined drape is also useful in the summer because it blocks the heat of the sun, too.
Lined draperies are an easy way to make any home more energy efficient. Studies have shown that the addition of draperies can reduce heat loss from the room by as much as 10 percent and cut heat gain in the summer by 33 percent.

Install Drapes Properly

Floor length drapes in a nursery are a tripping hazard for new walkers and could entice crawlers into pulling on the fabric. A drapery rod is heavy enough to injure a young child and any clips or hooks that fall during the event could become choking hazards.
If longer drapes are preferred or are all that is available, hang the rod above the window to keep it out of your infant's grasp. The rod can be lowered as they age. Avoid tension rods because they are not connected to the wall or window frame. Install all hardware securely, and make certain the rods are attached to a wall stud. If that is not possible, use drywall anchors to keep the hardware firmly in place.

Prevent Allergy Problems

If the child is at risk of allergy or asthma, you need to avoid anything in the nursery that may trigger a respiratory problem. In this instance, it is usually best to choose machine washable window treatments. Dry cleaning chemicals can be irritating to respiratory conditions, and machine washable fabrics are easier to clean more frequently so dust and pollen are regularly removed.

Avoid Extra Accessories

Drapery tassels, beaded pulls on the shades, and decorative cording or other embellishments add a lot of extra charm. Unfortunately, little ones also find these accessories alluring and will want to investigate. Anything of this type within their reach is a potential choking hazard, and items out of reach could be a tempting challenge to climbing toddlers.
It is not always easy to find the perfect window treatment, and the additional restrictions of a nursery make it an even greater challenge. For help with these projects, turn to Genie's Drapery Service. We offer custom solutions for every room of the home. Our staff can create a safe and efficient solution that will also be a charming nursery addition.


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