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Fabric Weave

About Our Fabric Weaves

Fabric weave
Decorating a room can be a challenge. Were should you start? One area to consider is the fabric weave and how it affects the texture of the fabric.


So what is fabric weave? Fabric weave is the pattern of weave or structure given to the fabric. It is an ancient textile art and craft, which places two, threads or yarn onto a warp and weft of a loom to produce a cloth. The woven cloth can be plain, in single color or in a simple pattern, or it may be woven in decorative or artistic designs. The way the weave is structured creates the texture of the fabric.


The texture is important because it can change the look and feel of a room.  The fabric can be rough, velvety, soft, smooth, silky, lustrous and so on. All types of fabric have a texture from wool, cotton, silk, and leather just to name a few. The type of weave used with the material creates the different textures. This texture then sets the mood of the fabric. Rough textures can give an "our door" feel, like a picnic or day at the park. While soft, silky textures give the fabric a more "formal" mood. Cotton damask, toile, sheer linen, silk cloth, chintz and soft chenille speak of formal and traditional spaces.

Types of Fabric Weaves

  • Plain Weave - Each filling yarn passes over and under each warp yarn with each row alternating.
  • Acetate Fabric - It is an imitation of silk and can withstand mildew, pilling and shrinking.
  • Twill Weave - It is similar to plain weave. In this the warp yarns skip at regular predetermined intervals creating a diagonal rib in the weave.
  • Basket Weave - Two or more warp yarns cross alternately side-by-side with two or more filling yarns. It resembles a plaited basket.
  • Jacquard Weave - Fabrics woven on a Jacquard loom.
  • Rib Weave - It is a plain weave type formed with heavy yarns in the warp or the filling direction.
  • Dobby Weave - It is a decorative weave, characterized by small designs or geometric figures woven in the fabric structure.
  • Leno Weave - In this the warp yarns are arranged in pairs, one yarn being twisted around the other between picks of the filling yarn.
  • Oxford Weave - A group of fabrics made with modified plain weave or basket weave. Usually made for shirting materials.
  • Cut Pile - It is especially for a carpet fabric where the face of the fabric is composed of cut ends of pile yarn.