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Custom Drapery

Custom Drapery in Charleston, SC

Custom Drapery
Curtains and drapes add a large amount of personality to any room, but understanding the decorative side of curtains and drapes can make it hard to find the perfect fit for your home. The skilled team at Genie’s Drapery Service INC can provide insight on how to use curtains and drapes in your home décor. Contact our team today, or stop in for a visit.

Great Lengths

Drapes are meant to frame and set off your windows and décor. Understanding the different lengths the come in can add to the proper ambiance of the room. Formal rooms call for floor-length curtains, while the curtains in a romantic room should pool on the floor. In kitchens, curtains the length of the window are safer and add a casual look. Genie’s Drapery Service INC provides all curtain lengths. Give us a call for more information.

Great Styles

Genie’s Drapery Service INC provides all styles of drapery. If you are looking for traditional pinch pleated curtains, hourglass curtains, euro pleated curtains, smoked top curtains or other specific looks, we cater to your requests. In addition to custom styles, we are also able to add embroidered lettering or use your own fabric for the perfect addition to your home. If you are looking for a specific look, give us a call or visit our store for more information and a free price quote.
Custom Drapery

The Power of Liners

Genie’s Draper Services INC provides many liner options for whatever you may need. Contact us for more information about liners and which is right for you. Still not sure if you need a liner on your curtain or not? Read below for the benefits of lining on curtains.

Protect Your Home

Lining curtains can add functionality to the curtains. Certain types of lining help to regulate light or insulate your window. By blocking the heat and cold, curtain liners help you save money and live more comfortably. In addition, liners add to the privacy of a room by increasing the opacity of the curtains. Stay secure and comfortable with our lining options.

Line for Better Curtains

By lining a curtain your window treatments last longer. The fabric chosen for your curtains becomes more resistant to fading in the sun and even delicate fabrics have a longer life. By lining a curtain, you add to the body and substance, creating a neater and crisper draped look. Contact us to see which liner is best for you!